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Finding the right financial fit can be tough.

Finding the right financial fit can be tough.

No one should ever be made to feel like just a number.

As a family-founded group of wealth advisors, we're focused on giving you the most fulfilling quality of life possible. Charles Rivera founded our firm in 1984, running it for over 30 years before his son Marcus purchased and took it over in 2018. Today, Marcus runs Greenlight Group with his partner, Phung Van, a long-time friend whom he met at Phung's family's restaurant. Marcus' wife also holds a position as Communications Coordinator.

Our company itself is tight-knit and family-oriented. Our approach to business brings that to the forefront.

We practice what we preach and focus on quality over quantity, giving us the ability to serve our clients to the highest standard of attention. We operate through personal introductions only, hand selecting those we feel hold honest values.

From this person-to-person approach, we've created an intimate community of like-minded professionals where each member is given the highest care and can feel good connecting with others.

Greenlight Group was founded with one purpose: To give you a permission slip to enjoy life. We're in this with you for the long haul. That's why we use a combination of strategies, planning and coaching to set you up for the best financial conditions possible.
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